With an emphasis on Veterans, raise awareness within the Sacramento community to provide services necessary to help homeless individuals return to a productive and meaningful life.


Our vision is to educate, support and empower homeless men, women and their families, who have served our country, to return to productive and meaningful lives.


Paul O’Daniel, Master Sargent, USAF Retired


My story is one of compassion and giving. Over my 24 year Air Force career, I had the privilege of being assigned to units whose primary mission was humanitarian assistance and disaster relief. Some of my missions include; Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Restore Hope, Mogadishu Somalia, Operation Provide Comfort, Diyarbakir Turkey, Operation Provide Promise, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Operation Uphold Democracy, Haiti, Hurricane relief operations in Puerto Rico, Deployed in support of the initial Global War on Terror to numerous locations within Southeast Asia, Operation Unified Assistance, Tsunami relief, Indonesia, Joint Military Response to mudslide in Leyte Philippines, Russian submarine rescue of seven Russian submariners in Kamchatka Peninsula Russia, Operation Sea Angel II, Bangladesh, Hurricane relief operations in support of Hurricane Sandy and of course, operation Iraqi and Enduring Freedom, Iraq and Afghanistan.
During these missions I realized I gained more personal satisfaction in giving than receiving. I retired in 2013 and since then I have been active within the Veterans Affairs, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Sacramento Superior Court/Veteran Treatment Division, as well as volunteer at the Mather VA Regional Medical Center.

I have been very fortunate and blessed in my post military life and would like to pass it on to my veteran brothers, sisters and their families. No one deserves to be homeless, especially those who have put the safety, freedom and liberty of others before themselves.
With every purchase made from our specially designed merchandise line a portion of the funds will be donated to homeless veterans. You will be an integral part of the solution to end veteran homelessness and return them and their families to a path of success and dignity.


  • It is essential to serve others with honesty, integrity, empathy, and patience;

  • Every individual deserves to be treated with respect and dignity;

  • By providing a non-judgmental environment and access to a comprehensive array of services, we demonstrate our commitment to putting those we serve first;

  • Innovation is essential to developing creative solutions that are responsive to the evolving needs of our residents.

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